Challenge your self to improve your skill and ability

Dear all my readers,

Tonight i will tell all of you about my true story in my career.

At the end of April 2005, i get my first job in the little company that move on Telecommunication.
This company is main contractor for some of big operator in Indonesia.
The line business are in Steel Fabrication and Civil Mechanical Electical.

The first year i am nothing in this company, my role is as drafter and quantity estimator. There is one GM and one PM also two admin staff and one procurement. In this year the work is hard for me, but i will not complaint about this. It is usual for me to back home at 02:00 AM a clock then go to office again in 08:00 AM a clock.

The area for what i did is in office and sometimes went to site. The site is far away from Jakarta, it is jungle i think. Again, i will not complaint about this. Live is just keep forward.

My PM ever told me that i will not be a PM before he resign from company. But i didn’t listen him. All i want to do is just be the best for company.

And the one thing happened to my career when my PM sent to Company Branch, so in Jakarta only me and my GM.

My GM is a good teacher i have until now, we still keep in touch.¬† He told me that company not have a PM right now, so the replacement is by our senior admin. But in 3 month she can’t lead the project.

Then the challenge for me was began.

This the test for my GM for me, we have a lot of project in Borneo. If i am not wrong there is 50 sites in east borneo and west borneo. Wow, this is a hard challenge, this is my first opinion. But i know, this is my time to take the challenge. The deadline to be finished is only by 3 month, my blood hot hear that, it is crazy. But project must keep forward. So i run the project as i can do.

I will not tell you the detail. The result of this is some of the project is on target and a few is not. I know this is not bad for me and my GM said to me that i can be better cause i am young and time will improve my skill. After all those thing my boss seen that this young boy have ability to handle the project, but he still need some test for me.

The first challenge is he award me to be Planning Manager. This is good, cause i will lead of all my engineering and i will not use Autocad anymore.

Back to my PM that sent to Branch Office, after some month he sent back to Jakarta. But he can’t be PM anymore cause something reason from the boss.
And time told him that the young boy already be his boss. Wow, from zero to be hero i think.

The article above is only to remind you all guys, we can not tell people, no matter he young or freshgraduate. Cause some day live can be change. People can change.

All you have to do is, be the best for your company, do the work with heart and courage. Take chance cause maybe there is no second offer.


About andi fikriansyah

Hello Readers, Introducing my name is Andi Fikriansyah, i was born in 1981 from a couple of good person. My father and mother is simple person, life in small village, and their job is as teacher. I life in small village called SIBOTO, it is part land of Sragen, Central Java. After my age was 18 years old, i continued my school to one of oldest campus in Indonesia, it is located at Jogjakarta. Most of people familiar with Marlboro Market. It was a good memory there. In 2005, i finished my study and i got my first job at Jakarta, in General Contractor. Many experience i got in this company, many thankful to my boss also my teacher. My career is 7 years until in Sept 2012 i decided to move to another company. And my real challenge is begin. Thanks a lot for all of the readers, this blog i made is for sharing my diary and my adventure. Someday my kid will read this blog.

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