What was happened on 23 June 1981?

That day was very historical in my life. If i have a time machine, i would like to go there and found what exactly happened. Yes, it is the first time i breath the air, felt my mom’s hands and hear my father’s sound. I can’t imagine how happy my parents to present my born. I was the first kids they had. Male baby, cute, with a big length head, that what my mom said as i remember. My parents are active to work as teacher. So my grandmother keep me and guide my to grow. My parents also teach me how to become a good child when they done the job. Their advise always keep in my mind. Now they already old and enjoy their retirement, especially my Mom, cuz my father still has one year remaining.

The words that i always remember is to be honest and gentlement. The meaning is simple, be sportive!


About andi fikriansyah

Hello Readers, Introducing my name is Andi Fikriansyah, i was born in 1981 from a couple of good person. My father and mother is simple person, life in small village, and their job is as teacher. I life in small village called SIBOTO, it is part land of Sragen, Central Java. After my age was 18 years old, i continued my school to one of oldest campus in Indonesia, it is located at Jogjakarta. Most of people familiar with Marlboro Market. It was a good memory there. In 2005, i finished my study and i got my first job at Jakarta, in General Contractor. Many experience i got in this company, many thankful to my boss also my teacher. My career is 7 years until in Sept 2012 i decided to move to another company. And my real challenge is begin. Thanks a lot for all of the readers, this blog i made is for sharing my diary and my adventure. Someday my kid will read this blog.

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