1985-1987 / Kindergarten Period

It is was so much fun when i remember this story. My mom prepared everything in the morning, started from milk and egg for my breakfast, didn’t forget also to bring me a meal for lunch. I am so much happy with Bregedel. This food made from egg and potatoes, blend and mixed then fried. Then my father took me to school, kiss his hands and face. My teacher also present all of her student with smile. I have friends that will be still in the loop until today. As i remember in my memory, my mother give me a money to school 5 rupiah, and i can bought some candy at school. I like so much ginger candy, even it make my teeth sick. Hahaha but its ok, i can resist the pain.   I would like to say so much thankful also for my teacher, with my parents, she built my character. I hope she is still healthy.   My kindergarten names is TK Aisyah Siboto. Thanks for all.


About andi fikriansyah

Hello Readers, Introducing my name is Andi Fikriansyah, i was born in 1981 from a couple of good person. My father and mother is simple person, life in small village, and their job is as teacher. I life in small village called SIBOTO, it is part land of Sragen, Central Java. After my age was 18 years old, i continued my school to one of oldest campus in Indonesia, it is located at Jogjakarta. Most of people familiar with Marlboro Market. It was a good memory there. In 2005, i finished my study and i got my first job at Jakarta, in General Contractor. Many experience i got in this company, many thankful to my boss also my teacher. My career is 7 years until in Sept 2012 i decided to move to another company. And my real challenge is begin. Thanks a lot for all of the readers, this blog i made is for sharing my diary and my adventure. Someday my kid will read this blog.

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