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1985-1987 / Kindergarten Period

It is was so much fun when i remember this story. My mom prepared everything in the morning, started from milk and egg for my breakfast, didn’t forget also to bring me a meal for lunch. I am so much happy with Bregedel. This food made from egg and potatoes, blend and mixed then fried. Then my father took me to school, kiss his hands and face. My teacher also present all of her student with smile. I have friends that will be still in the loop until today. As i remember in my memory, my mother give me a money to school 5 rupiah, and i can bought some candy at school. I like so much ginger candy, even it make my teeth sick. Hahaha but its ok, i can resist the pain.   I would like to say so much thankful also for my teacher, with my parents, she built my character. I hope she is still healthy.   My kindergarten names is TK Aisyah Siboto. Thanks for all.


What was happened on 23 June 1981?

That day was very historical in my life. If i have a time machine, i would like to go there and found what exactly happened. Yes, it is the first time i breath the air, felt my mom’s hands and hear my father’s sound. I can’t imagine how happy my parents to present my born. I was the first kids they had. Male baby, cute, with a big length head, that what my mom said as i remember. My parents are active to work as teacher. So my grandmother keep me and guide my to grow. My parents also teach me how to become a good child when they done the job. Their advise always keep in my mind. Now they already old and enjoy their retirement, especially my Mom, cuz my father still has one year remaining.

The words that i always remember is to be honest and gentlement. The meaning is simple, be sportive!

Surat Terbuka untuk Gula Pasirku – Part II


Budget umur kita makin berkurang, namun bukan rintangan bagi kita untuk lebih efisien menggunakannya.

Dan khusus bagi engkau dindaku sayang, terima kasih sudah menjaga titipan Yang Maha Kuasa dengan sangat baik tanpa keluh kesah.

Ketahuilah cintaku, bahwa E=MC2 berlaku untuk umur kita.

Semakin efisien, banyak kegunaan, manfaat, dan faedah bagi kita khususnya, hubungan horisontal & vertikal (C), maka perhitungan umur (E) akan menjadi lebih relativ panjang.

Umur, bukan diilustrasikan dari tahun berapa kita lahir, dan sampai umur berapa sekarang kita mengarunginya (M). Namun relativ bagaimana kita menggunakannya.

Walaupun hari ini adalah H-1 dari pengulangan revolusi matahari disaat engkau dilahirkan, ayah mengucapkan Selamat Ulang Tahun yang ke sekian kalinya, Gula Pasirku.

Semoga hidup kita semakin manis, hangat, mesra, penuh cinta, dan dilimpahi rejeki yang halal dan baik.

You and me, are one.
The anniversary is become both of us.

Your anniversary is my anniversary my honey.

Semoga badai berlalu untuk persiapan menghadapi badai yang lain. (Namun siapa yang suka badai, bikin masuk angin dan sakit kepala……..)

Lets challenge the life with passion and fashion.

Salam dengan cinta dari palung hati terdalam,